In less than 2% cases, our system might not be able to validate your request when you click the “Auto Clean” button. This could be because

  1. The MalCare plugin has been uninstalled or deactivated from your WordPress website.

  2. The malware is causing issues in validating your request.

When this happens, you are automatically directed to our FTP-based malware cleaner. 

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Enter your FTP credentials. Remember to select SFTP in the FTP Type. (SeeHow do I find my FTP credentials?)

Step 2 : Once you fill that up and hit Continue, you’ll have to Select Folder with WP Installation. And then click on Continue. In our case, select the public_html folder and click on continue. 

Step 3: And that’s it. Your website is now clean and malware-free!

Learn More: How do I find my FTP credentials?