In order to begin the cleanup process, we need access to your server and its associated files.
We get this access in the form of FTP, SFTP, or SSH access to your server.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, sFTP for Secure File Transfer Protocol, and SSH for Secure Shell. These are connection protocol mechanisms that allow us to log into servers to edit/add/remove files. These connection protocols allow us to log into your websites, specifically the server, and perform the remediation process. 

We have covered details on how to clean a website here: How do I clean my website using MalCare?

If you need help with finding FTP credentials and WordPress installation folder, check out these guides: 

How to find FTP credentials

How to locate a folder where WordPress is installed.

If you for some reason are you are still having trouble, don’t worry, our team of analysts is prepared to assist you in the process. To do so, you’ll need to be willing to share credentials to access your hosting account.