To clean Non-WordPress folders, we need to first scan them. For us, the cleaning process comes after scanning. 

By default, MalCare only scans WordPress folders but you can add non-WordPress folders using the following process:

Step 1: Log into your MalCare account and select a website from the Site Listing page. 

Step 2: It'll take you to the Site Details page and in this page, there is a section called Security. Under this section, there is a sub-section called Scanner. here you can click on the number of Hacked files detected.

Step 3: It'll take you to a page, where you can select the infected non-WordPress folder that you want to clean. In this case, test-hack is the hacked folder that we want to clean. So we select it and the click on the Add button.

Step 4: The non-WordPress folder is now added to be scanned by MalCare. 

Step 5: Now we will proceed to scan the folder. On the Site Details page, select the Scan Now button under the Scanner sub-subsection.

Step 6: Once the scan is complete, MalCare will tell you that your site will either be clean or hacked. In our case, the site is hacked. 

Step 7: Remember the non-WordPress folder that we added to be scanned. Turns out it was infected. To see what folders are infected, select the number that appears beside the term Infected Files. 

Step 8: In the screenshot below, you can see the non-WordPress folder called test-hack that we had added earlier. It's one of the hacked folders.

Step 9: Next, you have to clean the infected folders.

And that’s folks. Your website is now clean.