The URL of your site can be updated directly from your MalCare dashboard by following the below steps.

Step 1. Please visit your MalCare dashboard -> and go to the site page for which you are updating the URL.

Step 2. Under the site menu click on the three-dot button to view site settings->

Step 3. Select Update URL option

Step 4. Click on the edit button and enter the new URL in the URL input box ->

Step 5. Click on save to continue and save the new URL ->

You may be asked to reinstall the plugin if we cannot reach our plugin on the new URL. Please click on the download button to download the zip for plugin installation ->

You can install the plugin on your wp-admin dashboard manually 

Once done installing the plugin manually, please click on retry to complete the process ->

That will complete the URL update and we will start syncing/scanning your site from the new URL.

If you run into any problems during the setup please feel free to write to us at