A Video to get you started

Step 1: On the BlogVault Dashboard, under the Staging section, you will find the Merge option. Click this to begin the Merging process.

Step 2: BlogVault will start generating a page where you can view the differences between the staging site and the live site. You can cancel Merging process at any time. You can also continue using BlogVault dashboard by clicking Return to Site Details Page.

Step 3: On this page, you can compare files and tables in the staging site and the live website.

Step 4:  The modified files on the list are already sorted under categories such as plugin, theme, core, uploads, and others, making it easy to review the changes. Additional information such as versions of each of your plugins and themes is also provided.

Step 5: You can view changes made to individual files, thus allowing you to review the file line by line. We don’t miss even a single change in the files on your staging site.

The files marked in Red have been Deleted in your Staging site.

The files marked in Green have been Changed in your Staging site. Site Title/ URL.

The files marked in Blue have been Updated in your Staging site.

Step 6: Select the files, plugins, themes, and tables you want to migrate to the live site. This prevents any unwanted files from being copied to your live site. 

Step 7: Enter the FTP credentials of the live site and select the folder where WordPress is installed.

Step 7: Click Continue. 

Step 8: Your site will continue to merge even if you exit the browser.

Step 9: Your Website Merge is completed.