Here are the steps to follow to stage your site using MalCare:

Step 1: Go to your MalCare dashboard 

Step 2: On the MalCare site listing page, select the website of your choice.


Step 3: It'll take you to the Site Detail page. On this page, click Add Staging Site. 

Step 4: Next select the Backup version and the PHP version you want to stage from the respective drop-down menu. Click Continue.

Step 5: Your staging site is being created.

If you click on the Return to Site Details Page button, that is, the Dashboard. You can see details of your Staging site after creation.

Step 6: On completion, keep a note of the username and password provided. This will be used to access the Staging site.



Note: You will receive an email when the staging of your site has been completed. It will contain SFTP details, username, and password credentials as well as the expiry timings.

The SFTP credentials can also be found in the staging site overview section:


Note: When you want to share the staging site with other users, HTTP Authentication User and Password credentials are required. These are mentioned in Staging section of the dashboard.

Step 8: Click the Delete button to remove the Staging site. A delete pop-up confirmation will show up. This is when you are done using your staging site.

Step 10: Click the Extend Expiry button, to open a similar pop-up window confirmation but this is when you need to use your staging site for a longer duration. Note that the staging site can be extended from 28 days for up to 56 days. If you require an extension post the 56 days limit. Please write to us at and we will help extend the staging site expiry date.

Step 11: Click on Access PHPMyAdmin, to access and modify or delete the staging site database in a new tab.