There are two ways of recovering your site using MalCare:

Step 1: Go to MalCare website and sign up using your email ID. 

Step 2: On the MalCare site listing page, select the website of your choice.


Step 3: It'll take you to the Site Detail page. In this page, select the Restore option from the Backup section. This will restore the latest backup version of your WordPress site.



Step 3: In the site listing page, go to Show All Backups in the Backup section. Here, every backup version allows you to perform an Auto Restore from it.

Step 4: Once you click on Auto Restore, you are taken to the FTP details form that requires you to fill up the following details:

  • Your FTP Host or Server name

  • The FTP type of your hosting service (FTP, SFTP, or FTPS)

  • Your FTP username

  • Your FTP password

These credentials allow MalCare to access the details of the location to which your files needs to be transferred and automatically restore your site.

You will need to enter your site’s FTP credentials to automatically restore it. Once you are done filling up these details, click on Continue.


Step 5: Select where WordPress is Installed.

Note: If you are using your hosting provider’s cPanel, this would typically be the webroot directory i.e. /public_html. Another way to identify the location is to look for WordPress files such as wp-admin, wp-content, etc. In case you select the wrong folder, MalCare immediately alerts you of an error and doesn’t continue the process so you can not damage your website. 

Once you have selected the folder, click Continue.

Step 6: The next step is choosing what to restore to your WordPress site. The MalCare dashboard takes you to a form that asks you about the details of what you would like to restore:

This form lets you choose what you want to restore to your site according to the History Version, your WordPress site’s database credentials, files or tables or entire site in Advanced options, and HTTP Basic Authentication.


Step 7: Click Continue after filling up this form. Auto Restore continues in the background so you can go about your day.