Step 1: Log into your MalCare account. 

Step 2: On the Site Listing Page, you can see a list of all the websites you added to your MalCare account. Beside each website, there are icons detailing the health of your site. One of the icons show you how many plugins need to be updated on that website. If you click on that, you will be taken to the specific plugin that needs to be updated.

Step 3: Another way to update all the plugins is to use the plugins tab on the same Site Listing page, you will see the plugins and themes tab at the top. Click the website you want to update and click the Plugins tab at the top-left corner.

Step 4: Now select the website. Here you will notice the 

  • Total number of plugins you have
  • Number of active plugins
  • Number of disabled plugins
  • Number of Update-able plugins

Step 5: To see the plugins that are installed in your site, you can Expand the list. To hide the plugins, click Collapse.

Step 6: A few advance options that you may find helpful are Search and Filter. You can Search for the plugins in the Search tab. You can Filter the plugins by

  • Active Plugins
  • Inactive Plugins
  • Plugins requiring Updates

Step 7: Click Updates. Select the website itself if you want to update all the plugins in one go. You can also select only specific plugins that require updates.

Step 8: Click Update button.

Step 9: The plugins are being updated from within MalCare dashboard

Step 10: Your websites plugins have been updated.